Creating the emerging content voice to help filmmakers #Levelup their brands


Mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year.

There’s almost no one making scripted vertical films for mobile right now.

92% of mobile video consumers share videos with each other.

No competition for the largest growing, sharing audience? Start filling their screens & get discovered.



3.46 BILLION active mobile social media viewers worldwide.

The same level of effort to make a handful of connections can make hundreds on social.

Employers are using social media to support qualification for positions.

A platform connected to your friends, family, fans, peers, and potential employers that does the work of sending updates for you…


recycle your efforts

Promote your content in the same place it lives,
in the same place your audience lives,
in the same place your peers and future bosses live
and where you are actively building your brand…

Promote your content in the same place it lives, in the same place your audience lives, in the same place your peers and future bosses live and where you are actively building your brand…


Attention spans are short

Content living in one place means someone else is engaging your audience for you while you are filming your next one. Not only are they retaining your audience for you, but they are actually building on it…


Let’s get this out of the way:


Read the fine print, but what you are giving, after a short initial exclusive window where we put our promotional efforts into your project brand, is a non-exclusive license to #air your show and the right to use it in promotional efforts.

It’s your concept, you sell it to who you want when they come knocking. Our goal is to launch brands, and if we help launch #HollywoodCareers, we win at life!!


#Sharing isn’t $Caring
it’s the new job and it starts on day 1 of #production.

Do what you already do: share your #setlife photos & vids on YOUR social media account with your followers. Only now, all you and all your cast and crew do it too. Think about it, If you and your 20 person #crew each have 100 followers, your show has a potential reach of 2,100 people before it has finished filming.



Strict tagging and hashtagging protocols are the secret sauce.

Basically, everyone tags anyone and any brand visible in anything they post. Then, everyone shares, reposts, or engages with anything they are tagged in and every posted points to @16_up. We engage with all posts mentioning us. Everyone is introduced to everyone else’s social networks and builds followers.

Then everyone reposts and claims ownership of the project for their personal brand promotion when @16_up posts about it. Essentially, we are meshing the #socialnetworks of every person involved in any film on our account. The increase in reach potential is exponential for all brands involved…


16×9 vs. 9×16

We aren’t saying don’t shoot the old #fatframe format. That’s where we want you to get, so you need to. In fact, if you have a fatframer finished the #fest circuit and not doing much, post it on the @16_up Facebook page to build on your public brand.

What we are saying is, shoot shorter vertical films more often to build your brand so you can activate your following to support your 16×9 fatframers for the #win. #Mobile content is shorter. Shoot one weekend every month. Practice your craft. Build your connections. Prove you have the chops so when Hollywood discovers you they can’t pass you by. We will help you do it.

#Recap: To emerge as a filmmaker: Start building your brand. Maximize your efforts. Shoot content in a format that has no competition. Post content in a social space with big audience.

#SocialDistributionDisruption #gamechanger #nobrainer



Since the dawn of radio marketing dollars have provided free entertainment. Ads and pay-per-view spaces today, however, are barriers to emerging content creators and discovery of their content. Social media is a wide open content marketplace where you can stand out because there isn’t a crowd.

Influencer marketing is the biggest thing in advertising right now and Instagram is the biggest place for it. As filmmakers emerge and followings grow, we will charge brands for #SocializedProductPlacement and generate $$$$ for production budgets.

Product Placement through @16_up doesn’t mean they just give stuff and watch though. Here, they take part in the social activity, increasing the reach of your brands to their followers. That’s right, brand involvement means lowering production costs, generating $ for budgets and actually helping with promotion of your brands.

You are already an influencer, start using your content to influence for you.



@16_up is the innovation that independent film has been waiting for. We were born social. We invented #viral. We finally have a space that will work for us.

If 1000 filmmakers get 100 followers to one place, there are 100,000 followers to leverage for all.

We are all #INDIESTRONG.

Talk to us before you do anything. We are here to help.

Anything scripted. All content must be a story with a beginning middle and end. Nothing inflammatory, hateful, or pornographic. All content must meet posting requirements of Facebook and Instagram. That’s beyond our control so read the regs.


1 to 10 minutes in length.


2K is preferred. HD is the minimum accepted resolution but if you are hoping to have your project continue into Hollywood or #Quibi we recommend a 4k full 4.4.4 workflow.

For traditional content 2K minimum but 4k or UDH resolution is preferred.


The answer is yes.  If you have a vertical film we’ll certainly place it on @16_up but you are only taking part in 1/3 of the brand building opportunity.  Contact us before you shoot your next one so we can help you increase the duration of your relevant brand content socially and maximize your social efforts so you build our brand more effectively.

We will also take traditional film format and push it on our Facebook page but we recommend the same thing.  Involve us in development or prep. 


Mobile audiences are used to watching content on 1/3 of the available screen space so don’t worry about massive production value.  Shoot #16_up and tell the best story you can with what you got.  Promote your day-to-day work and your skills will do the talking.  Your improvements will #inspire others and your #following will grow.


Yes and no. We can do #introductions, but we can’t make anyone work together.  At risk of sounding like a broken record, build your brand.  Want to be #Director but have never done a day on a real #filmset?  Start as a PA.  Get to know #filmlife and you’ll get to know filmmakers and the rest of the crews.  Your fellow PA’s will become directors and producers in time.  Want to act?  Act in everything.  Do it often and you’ll see your brand explode. 

Build. Your. Brand.